Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day From Kanye West

Here's Kanye West performing the song "Hey Mama" as a dedication to his late mother Donda West. I also dedicate this song to all the hardworking moms.  Be proud of yourself!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gokaiger Gets Morphenomenal

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is the 35th anniversary show of Toei's Super Sentai franchise. In the show, the Gokaiger are space pirates who have the ability to transform into any of the past Super Sentai warriors. Among those warriors are the Zyuranger who we in America know fondly as the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Ever since the announcement of Gokaiger & its unique concept, the rumors have been spreading about when the Gokaiger assume Zyuranger form.

 Henshin Justice posted this RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME clip of a MMPR fan redubbing the upcoming Zyuranger-themed episode. Man, talk about full-on Power Rangers nostalgia!!! It makes me want to sport my MMPR shirt & song-binge The Mighty RAW's "We Need A Hero"!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Karmin : Cover Band of Awesome!!!

There's a new cover band sweeping the nation & they go by the name of Karmin. The acoustic pop couple from Boston have went viral with their quirky, jaw-droppingly AWESOME covers of Chris Brown & Lil' Wayne:

Still ain't amazed? Then check out these other cover songs:

Willow Smith-Whip My Hair

Kanye West- All of the Lights

Nicki Minaj-Your Love

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swaggalicious Sounds : Top 10 - April

What it do!!! As you know, my BIGGEST addiction is new music which I love to share. Hours ago, I went through my music blog arsenal and found some jams that will make you song-binge like crazy. Before I do this list, allow me to post this disclaimer :

The following blog post is to promote & share new songs. It's purpose is NOT copyright infringement.

Now, let's get on with the show:
  1. Santigold ft. Karen O - Go ( produced by Q-Tip)
  2. American Royalty-Levrolution 
  3. Korn X Skrillex-Get Up
  4. Brown Eyed Girls-Abracadabra (mad props to my cuddie Robert Taplin)
  5. Chuck L.I. (El-Eye) - No Worries
  6. Purity Ring - Ungirthed
  7. Martin Solveig ft. Kele- Ready 2 Go
  8. Starfucker - Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second
  9. Atmosphere - She's Enough
  10. Taio Cruz- Believe in Me Now (produced by Swedish House Mafia)

My co-worker/homegirl Sherry Spears posted this joint on her Facebook page. Sadly, there's not a download yet.

Decatur Redd- I Remember


Friday, April 15, 2011

Cosplay of the Dead

Check out this AWESOME cosplay of the zombie anime "High School of the Dead" featuring alt model Melodie Gore & friends. In the photo gallery by Abbott Wang, Gore portrays katana-wielding badass Saeko as her & Rei (Chloe Doan) are desperately trying to defend themselves from the hungry zombie horde. If you love Gore, then check her blog out here. And to those who don't know what "HSTD" is, be sure to watch it on Hulu. Trust me, it's a GREAT show!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meet The New Dynamic Duo

I've just checked out this new anime called "Tiger & Bunny". The show is set in a comic-book world where corporated-owned superheroes are competing in a reality show to become the "King of Heroes". Among these heroes is Wild Tiger, a veteran who has consistently ranked low. However, things are about to change when Wild Tiger is partnered up with a rookie. Through this partnership, Wild Tiger will learn the true meaning of being a superhero. With such an interesting concept, "Tiger & Bunny" could be the next anime hit. Judge for yourself by watching it on Hulu.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chainsaw Sally : One Killer Show

Since it's announcement through April Monique Burril's Twitter, yours truly have been anxiously awaiting for the return of The Chainsaw Sally Show. For the uninitiated, The Chainsaw Sally Show is a splatstick dramedy about a psychotic Suicide Girl and her equally sadistic transvestite brother who bring chaos to their unsuspecting hometown. The show stars April Monique Burril as the titular character, Azman Toy as her brother Ruby, & Baltimore entertainer/socialite Nicolette LeFaye as Miss Busy Bee, the sinister sibling's “pet”. The Chainsaw Sally Show  is the demented brainchild of April & her husband director JimmyO Burril who originally created the character as a horror hostess then turned her into a full-fledged horror movie icon. It also has the backing of Troma Entertainment, scream queen Debbie Rochon, & Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Godfather of Gore. Now, that's what you call a co-sign !!! It is the visual of Chainsaw Sally, a voluptuous chainsaw wielding Goth chick, that will first attract you to the series. As you watch the series, you'll become hooked to the zany characters, torture pornographic kills, and overall campiness . The Chainsaw Sally Show  is returning online this Friday at the stroke of midnight. You can check the show here at the official website