Monday, March 7, 2011

Epic Blog Time

What you know about Epic Meal Time?!

For those unfamiliar, Epic Meal Time is a UBER HILARIOUS online cooking show on YouTube created by Canadians Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth. In the show, Morenstein & his posse make culinary mashups that are both itis-inducing and intimidating to eat. Can anyone say cardiac arrest? Notable dishes include Fast Food Sushi, The Black Legend, The Breakfast of Booze, & The Sloopy Roethlisberger that achieved the impossible in breaking the 100,000 calorie barrier. The show has even crossed over with fellow YouTube personality Freddie Wong:

It has been reported by the Montreal Gazette that Epic Meal Time will be invading the Tonight Show on March 17. Morenstein hopes to make something REAL special for Jay Leno. Epic Meal Time is growing into a phenomenon. Am I right, hater?

Next time, we eat DeStorm Power.

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