Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swaggalicious Sounds

So, here are a couple of music videos that caught my attention this week:

The first one is by hip-pop group i SQUARE with their debut single "Hey Sexy Lady". My favorite part of the video is when band member Briddy start doing some impressive footwork (@ 1:45). Rap mogul P.Diddy even makes a cameo appearance.

Another video to watch is "24 Frames (Movie Night)" by alternative rapper T.Shirt. In the video, the illrapper along with a lady friend, model Klazina Crawford, take a stroll through a movie theatre in Soho. The lyrics of the song is comprised of 120 film titles.

And lastly, "Villages" by indie pop band Alpine. Man, talk about one FREAKY video!!!

You already know that yours truly is song-binging the hell outta these songs especially "Hey Sexy Lady" & "Villages". ;-)

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