Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zaniest New Dance Crazes

Yours truly just found the hottest new dance crazes.....if you're brave enough to do them in da club:

First up, Teach Me How To Barney. This new dance is (obviously) inspired by the kiddie's favorite purple dinosaur. My homegirl Jessa Lux (aka Undress Jess) talked about it on her Twitter account. It's "Super dee-duper"!!!

The late king of comedy Bernie Mac is the inspiration for the next dance......

Shout-outs to my cuddies Ryan Hull & Alden Tarver of the indie rock band Married With Sea Monsters for the heads up.

Finally, The Lonely Island & Nicki Minaj has a dance for all you creeps.....

 So, here are all hot new dances. Now, go ahead  & do the damn thing on the dance floor!!! :-P

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